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Have a Little Faith is a children’s book about a young girl with Down syndrome who lives her life enjoying many of the things that all other children enjoy doing. The book is open about the challenges she faces and assures readers that beyond these day-to-day obstacles; she is just like anyone else. My mission is not only to promote Down Syndrome Awareness but encourage all children to believe in themselves. This is an inspiring story for children of all ages.

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Raising Faith is an essential read for moms, dads, family members, teachers, and anyone who loves a child with Down Syndrome. It is a wonderful memoir and guide written by a mother. The author leaves nothing out. In this page-turner, you will not only learn useful tips and strategies, but you will feel as if you are no longer alone as you laugh and cry reading her stories and those of other moms.

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The Red Quarters

The Red Quarters is a memoir, about the author’s father. It’s an adult, nonfiction chapter book that is both heartwarming and uplifting. It will make you laugh, cry and believe that your loved ones are always with you, even after their passing. The release date coming soon.

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