Counting my blessings!

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Life is hard when you think about what is ‘wrong’ in your life. On the other hand… life gets easier when you focus on all that is ‘right’.

We all have stress and issues that are overwhelming. For me, I feel like, at times, my worries paralyze me from accomplishing anything at all. My mind gets so bogged down with my concerns about my children, raising a daughter with special needs, my own health problems, financial situations such as bills, college tuition and still having a savings, my to-do list for work, basic home responsibilities like cooking and cleaning, etc. It’s enough to bring me to tears, bring on a massive migraine, have a drink or two or all of the above. Sound familiar?

So, what I’ve been practicing lately is actually ‘counting my blessings’. And because I’m a writer, I don’t just think about them, I actually write them down. I feel as though it brings them to the forefront of my mind, calms my anxiety, fills my heart with love and puts a smile on my face. You might be thinking you don’t have much to be grateful for. It can feel that way at times, I’ve been there. That’s why I create a list. Once you focus on and write down all the ‘good’ in your life, you’ll be surprised at how many more things come to mind. And when you can sit and look at that long list, in print, it is very calming. This is my actual, personal list as of today. Reading my blessings, you may be reminded of what you can add to your own list. Remember, the little things in life are often the big, important things. It’s very personal but I want to share it with you in hopes that those of you that feel defeated and have lost all hope, realize that you DO have wonderful blessings as well.

Counting MY blessings today:

  1. a home to live in and share with my family
  2. plenty of food to nourish my body
  3. clothes and shoes to wear daily
  4. good vision to see my family and enjoy my surroundings
  5. good hearing to hear laughter, birds singing and great music
  6. a strong body that chase my daughter, workout and play
  7. beautiful, sweet, healthy children to enjoy
  8. a loving, supportive, thoughtful husband to share my life with
  9. family and friends that I can count on
  10. both of us have a good job, decent pay, health benefits to support and take care of my family
  11. the ability to help others on a regular basis
  12. publishing my first book very soon, dream come true
  13. children doing well in school, smart and happy
  14. date nights for the romance in my life
  15. this beautiful fall day to enjoy
  16. good neighbors that chat and lend a hand when needed

There is so much more I’m sure, but that’s a great start! With a list like that nothing will keep me down for long. Give it a try. So go ahead count YOUR blessings and… live your best life!

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