A Love Poem for MY LOVE!

Roses from my Love!

Right away I knew, you were about to steal my heart.

Your sparkling blue eyes and devilish grin mesmerized me from the start.

So comfortable, at ease and confident, you made me feel the same.

Honest and open, refreshing that, there was no game.

Such a gentleman, lending me your coat and opening doors.

It wasn’t long after, I was saying, “I’m all yours.”

Only a short time passed, our feelings grew and we knew we were in love.

Every day since, I have thanked our heavenly father up above.

For a man that tells me often that I’m beautiful, smart and kind.

Surely, I know, a man like this is very hard to find.

Whenever I feel sad or stressed, he quickly eases my fears.

He wraps me up in his arms, and the whole world disappears.

With every new endeavor, he provides encouragement and praise.

By my side, supporting me in so many different ways.

And now that I can proudly say, he is mine and I’m his wife.

I promise to do all I can, to provide for him a happy life!

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